The Institute for Gerontological Research (IGF) is an independent and interdisciplinary research institute located in Berlin and Munich. For almost 40 years our team has been researching aspects of the “ageing society”. Our aim is to identify and promote approaches, methods and frameworks that enable people to continue to lead independent lives as they grow older.

We believe that the successful development and realisation of sustainable concepts requires a cooperative process involving all relevant stakeholders. The same also applies to tackling the challenges presented by resurgent old-age poverty, ageing migrant communities, the rise in dementia, and soaring demand for qualified carers and nursing staff.

We develop empirically grounded research and concepts using a broad spectrum of sociological methods, and participate in successful research alliances and networks. Our findings and recommendations address the full spectrum of opportunities for change, from governance and management through healthcare and social work procedure to design, architecture and planning. In our research projects we also make a point of collaborating with partners working in the field: social services, vocational training, housing associations, senior citizens’ groups, and political figures at the municipal, state and national level.

The IGF team